Reminder for all those guys trying to add me on Skype (some repeatedly) before emailing me and before tributing me. If you have had a good luck with getting freebies elsewhere, move into that direction. If you haven’t, stop doing that as it’s apparently not getting you anywhere.


Visit to the Netherlands (April/May)

I’ll be briefly visiting Utrecht at the end of May. I will not be able to meet people for sessions this time so only email me ( if you would like to have lunch or dinner with me (fee: 150 euro, small up front deposit is a must) or take me shopping.


Shoe fetishists beware

You can now own some of these sexy shoes or boots and it is a real bargain too! Payments by Paypal or Amazon. No chat though unless my time gets paid for.

Flats 50 euro, flip flops 30 euro, short Guess leather / suede boots 120 euro, tall leather boots 120 euro, trainers 50 euro, red leather boots 50 euro, strappy shoes 60 euro, cherry boots 100 euro, black pumps 70 euro, foot thongs 20 euro per piece + postage.

flats flipflops Guess boots high boots trainers

red boots


cherry boots



foot thongs

Important notice

Please note that I plan to semi retire from the world of professional domination by the end of 2014. After this date I will be available for real sessions only if we have met before (provided we were compatible of course) or if  we have interacted online first (cam, Skype chat, longer email arrangement etc).

The current policy for personal, shopping, dining, holiday and financial slaves will remain unchanged. I expect to revamp my website next year to make the new rules obvious. By then you can keep sending polite enquiries. Visit my website for details. Thanks for your understanding.

If you would like to know more about what it involves to be my personal slave, I can put you in touch with my no. 1 slave who will explain by email or on Skype. I hope it goes without saying that a tribute for his time will be expected.

Update January 2014

I regret to announce that the old website now no longer exists as you used to know it. It had been redirected to


Christmas wishlist

Dear fans, I bet you hoped I would forget this year or at least wait a bit longer. You were wrong. The Christmas season is approaching again and I am already full of anticipation! For inspiration, click here.



Please note I may be available for long assignments (half a day plus) in Berlin if I get reasonable notice – preferably a couple of weeks but 10 days minimum. The deposit payable up front into my bank account or by gift voucher would be 50% of the total agreed tribute.