Berlin October 15th and 16th (possibly 14th also)

I plan to revisit Berlin in October and shall be available for sessions in an airy & very modern hotel apartment not far from KaDeWe as well as in local dungeons should that be your preference. I have stayed at this particular hotel many times before so can confirm that the suites are fully sound proof, clean and generally very pleasant (laminate floors, ultra chic bathroom etc).

The sessions will need to be booked well in advance, else you may end up disappointed, particularly if you are not time flexible.

Activities I enjoy that are compatible with domestic / hotel settings:

- foot worship / foot domination / trampling (with and without shoes)

- face-slapping

- spitting

- various forms of humiliation including pet play and dirty panties and socks fetish

- CP (OTK, caning, flogging, single tail whipping etc)

- tie and tease (I tease with my hands, feet, hair and various props made of leather, fur, feathers etc)

- findom (tie and drain, trips to ATM etc)

- boot, shoe, leg, leather or latex clad ass worship

- punching (a pair of professional boxing gloves available)

- cbt, ballbusting

- nipple torture, nipple tease

- objectification, foot stool

- tickle torture

- domestic and personal servitude (pedicure, manicure, foot and leg massage, various ad hoc tasks)

- fur fetish (indoors or outdoors)

- restraints (leather cuffs, ropes, silk bondage scarves, chains), blindfold, gags and muzzles

- verbal abuse, small cock humiliation etc

- roleplay

- butt plugs, strap-on

- electro play

- x-dressing and feminization (make up, wig)

- urethral sound

- face sitting (with panties on)

- mild breath play

- consensual blackmail

You may also buy my used lingerie, hosiery, shoes or boots.

On top of that we can enjoy room service (perhaps with you eating obediently at my feet), a fine meal at one of my favourite local restaurants (Restaurant 44 and Le Faubourg), shopping in KaDeWe, one of the many fur and leather stores or maybe a fetish shop?

Please note: no sexual services, nudity on my part, toilet, extreme or hazardous activities including fisting, heavy breath play, blood. You must be respectful at all times. I do not switch and topping from bottom is not tolerated.

If you did not find your fetish on either of the lists, just ask.


If deposit paid: 170 euro / hr, otherwise 200 euro / hr

Lunch / Dinner appointments: 150 euro (for 2-3 hrs)

Dungeons: 250 euro / hr (deposit strictly required)

Shopping trips and other less usual arrangements – enquire by email.

Serious enquiries should be emailed to: I shall get back to you promptly. I strongly recommend that you secure your slot by paying the deposit.

For reviews click here.

Outfits available: short leather skirt, pencil leather skirt, leather blazer, leather + fur bolero jacket, leather corset, leather lingerie, short latex skirt, latex corset, short latex top, leather gloves and gauntlets, leather hotpants, fishnet tops, fur coats and smaller furry items such as boa, poncho and plush collars (rabbit, mink, fox), sheer and elegant dresses, various boots and pumps, casual attire such as jeans, beautiful lingerie etc


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Latest review from my visit of London

Reviewer details : Male slave aged 38 years old (London)
I am an experienced slave and have sessioned with some very well known London & UK Mistresses over a period of 21 years, so I was intrigued and excited when Mistress Arella announced that she would be visiting London. I knew of Mistress Arella from when she previously lived in London and thought my chance to serve her had been missed when she moved back to Prague. I have also seen her movies filmed at Femme Fatale Films & The English Mansion which made me realise that the Femdom style she provides would be perfect for the sessions I enjoy.
The initial email contact was made and after a few exchanges the booking was confirmed. A very pleasant and simple process. I then offered to be Mistress Arella’s chauffeur from Heathrow airport to the premises she would be staying.
Mistress Arella was instantly recognisable when she arrived at Heathrow and was strikingly beautiful as her Website Gallery already shows. It is often said but in this case it is very true, she is even more beautiful in the flesh. The drive to London was pleasant and we had a pleasant chat. Although Mistress Arella is naturally dominant she is a lovely person to talk to, very intelligent and classy which I believe is very sexy in a lady.
Now for the two day wait for my session, it was very difficult to concentrate at work as the session was the only thing on my mind, now I had seen and spoken to Mistress Arella I was even more excited about the session. My stomach had butterflies, which does not normally happen to me to this extent.
The day of the session arrived. I was greeted at the door by Mistress Arella, who was wearing a lovely short skirt, black stockings, knee length leather boots & a black top. Her black hair looked stunning as it covered the full length of her back. I already knew the next two hours were going to be out of this world.
Now I have sessioned in fully equipped dungeons and some Mistresses have struggled to be imaginative even with all of the equipment available. Mistress Arella’s premises was a domestic setting which had 2 small bedrooms available. Obviously Mistress Arella had brought along some toys to torment me with, but it was going to take truly skilled Mistress to  provide one of the best sessions I have ever had.
I will not go into full detail about the session, but the session did involve the following :
Dog Collar & Lead
Foot Massage
Foot Worship
Leg Worship
Tie & Tease
Nipple torture
Dirty Panty fetish
The session was one of the best sessions I have experienced in 21 years of being a slave, the imagination of Mistress Arella with the limitations of a domestic setting was inspired. The session delivered everything that I enjoy in a session and I believe Mistress Arella also enjoyed the session. I truly hope that I can serve Mistress Arella again and my personal goal is to impress Mistress Arella enough in order that I can become an owned slave.
Mistress Arella also accepted my invitation to lunch and chose the Four Seasons hotel restaurant in Canary Wharf. We both enjoy seafood and chose some lovely dishes and again had a pleasant chat. Mistress Arella spoke openly about being a Pro Domme. This was a pleasant surprise as with my previous Mistress everything was always 100% business and no interaction was ever had outside of a session.
Mistress Arella is truly a lovely lady, friendly, intelligent, sophisticated and has Class with a wicked dominant streak. Approach Mistress Arella with respect and the rewards will make your dreams become a reality.


Occasional accommodation needed in London

If you are a submissive landlord interested to trade occasional accommodation in London for sessions (or simply the company of a classy dominant female), read further.

I would like to visit London on a regular basis in the future (say every 8 weeks for 5-6 days at a time). I am therefore looking for a house or flat where I could stay whenever I am in the city and where I could also perform some of my sessions (when you would not be there). Equipment is not needed, clean, modern, smoke-free domestic premises with spare bedroom / bathroom will do, ideally in zones 1-3 (only areas generally considered as safe). No other people other than the landlord should live there. No dogs except of the human one ;) .

Preferably, this would be a long term arrangement with a highly trustworthy and respectable person (references from an established pro domme would be a huge plus). I had such an agreement in the past and it worked relatively well.

Passion for some of the activities below would be very appreciated.

- leather, furs, findom, feet, CP, genuine servitude (chauffering, cooking, errands etc), humiliation

- fine dining

What matters most: intelligence, manners, reliability. You should not be younger than myself (early 30s).

I will be in London at the end of August so we can talk in person when I’m there although the basic information including pictures of the premises must be sent by email:





Special offer

If you buy at least 5 of my full length clips from the Mean Clips website this summer, I will add 15 minutes of Skype text chat with me as a bonus. You just need to email me your order number and Skype ID.

Bez názvux

Alternatively I will take 10% off your cam tribute.


Advertising options

If you would like to advertise on this or my other blog, drop me a line to Banners, text links and possibly reviews of products and websites will be considered.


3D femdom art by my slave Unterwuerfling

I was very surprised when I recently found out that my slave Unterwuerfling, whom I had already known for a year is an avid femdom artist. Below you can see a sample of his work that I absolutely love. Should you wish to see more of his art, visit my other blog.

Das neue Studio

Leather wishlist

If you are a serious leather fetishist who likes to serve Mistresses in a tangible way, you might want to have a look here.

If you decide to sponsor a garment for me, simply email me ( and I will send you my PO Box address. I may even tease you wearing the outfit on cam if you choose so ;)


Whole week with my slave

A few weeks ago, I went to the Netherlands to visit my personal slave. He has been serving me for three years now and I could not wish for a more loyal, more obedient or more reliable submissive. And you bet a grumpy bitch like myself has rather high standards when it comes to her servants.

I wanted to do a few photo shoots in the Dutch countryside because I love posting new images every so often. Sadly, I was too late for the famous tulip fields this year. I do love flowers so much.

SAM_0315Fortunately, my fantastic slave managed to arrange a Cesna as well as a Maserati to pose with. I was impressed!

IMG_4092xIMG_4281I do like nice cars for sure so we also used my slave’s own Toyota GT86 which is my favourite. Maybe because I have the same one in orange, lol.

IMG_5749I forgot to mention that we were staying at my slave’s parents’ villa that is located very close to a nice forest that leads to a peaceful meadow.

IMG_5331In the evenings I swam and relaxed at the private indoor pool while the slave was preparing tasty dinner for me. The Dutch cheese certainly was not missing!

IMG_4362Before we went to bed, the slave was required to worship every inch of my toned sexy body, naturally his most favourite duty!

IMG_3501Of course my Doggie was teased, humiliated, denied, caned and otherwise punished but also rewarded and indulged for working hard for me. Just as it should be!

And there was some time for shopping and eating out too. I was a very happy Mistress during that wonderful week I spent with my Pet.

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