Welcome to my website. I am known as Mistress Arella, a dominatrix and an author. My kinky career started in 2007 when I lived in London. I dipped my toes into the world of fetish and femdom and have not looked back since. You may have seen me on The English Mansion, Woman Worship or OWK websites as well as plenty of others.

I have been living in Prague since 2010 and although I currently specialize in online domination, it is still possible to meet me for real time sessions too. Proceed to read the FAQs below.

UPDATE August 9th 2016: Please note that as of August 22nd my availability will be limited to mostly weekday evenings and weekends only. However, feel free to enquire even if that does not suit you as there may be some exceptions from the aforementioned rule.

Currently there are no trips scheduled.

How do I get Your attention?

Send an introductory email explaining your D/s interests (in detail) as well as who you are. Be honest and open about what you are looking for. One line or other vague enquiries are often ignored. Timewasters are easily recognized and cut off from further communication.

I am interested in financial servitude. How much should I tribute?

Generally speaking, this is up to you if you are interested in a financial servitude arrangement but make sure to tribute me BEFORE sending the application if you would like to be taken seriously.  Naturally, I do put fixed (non-negotiable) price on my time in case you want to chat with me on Skype, see me on cam or meet me in person.

What is the rate for webcam sessions and other online arrangements?

Webcam is 60 GBP for 15 min or 90 GBP for half an hour. Alternatively, it is also possible just to text chat with me on Skype if you cannot afford the cam rate. Chat starts at 30 GBP for 15 min. Do not try to add me as a Skype contact out of blue. You need to email me first and tribute me according to the instructions here.

Do you ever visit London, Middle East etc ?

If there is a trip scheduled, there will be a notice on the blog.  However, I travel by invitation only these days so the trips are not frequent.

How old are you? Are your pictures recent / genuine?

I am approaching my mid 30s. Most pictures in my main website gallery are very recent and I only edit minor imperfections such as signs of fatigue. So don´t worry – you get what you see 🙂

Can I take you shopping? Can you drain me at ATM?

Sure. However, you will first need to tribute me if we have not met before.

Can you come to my city? Can you travel with me?

I may be able to come and see you in any of the major cities in Europe as well as UAE and some other destinations in Asia if you are solvent enough to sponsor the trip. All travel costs must be paid for up front via this link. I may also allow you to book my hotel and flight directly if we already know each other or if you are willing to prove yourself by sending a gift voucher first. This is to ensure that I won´t give my personal details to timewasters and other dodgy people. For approximate costs, see the general guide lines below.

Middle Eastern destinations would typically be 2000 USD +.

Most European destinations start at less than 1000 EUR.

SE Asia (Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, Hong Kong etc) would be at least 3500 USD.

There may or may not be an extra charge for sessions depending on the exact destination.

If you wish to go on holidays with me, this might be possible after we have met at least once if I find us compatible.

So far I have had trips sponsored to Dubai, London, Berlin, Barcelona, The Netherlands, Portugal etc.

Can I be your personal slave?

It may be possible depending on your attitude and our chemistry. The first step is to book a Skype or real time interview. Tribute for my time will be required.

I would like to offer myself as a prospective boyfriend or applicant for marriage. Can I try my luck?

Such an enquiry will automatically get you binned and blocked.

How do I book a real time session?

Click here and follow the instructions carefully. Not everyone gets accepted so make sure to make good impression. Straight-forward, clear, polite is what works. Ideally write 1 – 2 paragraphs.

What is your dress and shoe size? How tall are you?

I am UK 8 / EU 36 dress size and UK 4 / EU 37 shoe size. I stand 5’6″ without heels, so about 5’11” in heels.

Do you do blackmail?

Unfortunately I tend to ignore all blackmail requests that are not accompanied by a tribute – monetary or GC (£100 minimum). Why? Subs applying to be blackmailed don’t tend to be genuine so I would not discuss with you before you show me the money.

Why didn´t I hear from You?

It is possible that your email got lost before it reached my inbox. If you emailed me to dom.arella@gmail.com and have not heard from me within 24 hrs, resend the polite and detailed enquiry or contact me through Twitter @MistressArella. However, extremely vague, disrespectful and inane enquiries get ignored on purpose.

How do I get to know more about You?

Visit my clips studio, buy my memoir The Diary of a Kinky Girl or chat with me on Skype (for a fee).


Ladies, do not steal my texts or photos as the odds that I will find out and get you in trouble with your hosting company for copyright law breach are very high. I will also name and shame you on Twitter. Therefore do not do it, it´s not worth it.

Guys, do inform me if you come across another webpage or an online profile that sounds or looks very similar or identical to this site.