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Modelling some of my presents

vltava- small

 From slave B.

Birthday dinner

I love to be spoilt with gourmet meals…


Picture by Mistress Arella – Intercontinental Prague

Birthday gifts

I got so many lovely gifts for my birthday! These are just a few of them because more are on their way to my Po Box. I also appreciate the cash donations. xx

gifts kindle stockings



Total financial power exchange

Mistress asked me to write a short report about how She controls all my finances.

Without Her permission I am not allowed to pay for anything other than food and other necessities. For instance, clothing I can only get if Mistress goes to the shops with me and approves of the garments that I intend to buy.  The only exception out of this rule are gifts that I am allowed to surprise Mistress with, although She often chooses the treats Herself, in which case I buy them and bring them to our dates. Naturally I also take Mistress shopping anytime She wants. Other than that I regularly have the privilege to take Mistress to distinguished restaurants as my Owner is very fond of fine dining.

But those are not the only things I pay for. When we go on holidays, I pay for Mistress´ air ticket and accommodation, not to mention smaller expenses such as taxi or car rental, admission fees, etc. At the moment I am looking for an apartment in Prague so that I can spend even more time with my Goddess in the future. Mistress is completely in charge of the process and will be an official co-owner of the apartment once the property has been found and purchased.

Mistress also has full access to my bank accounts and credit card statements. She even has the possibility to enter my internet banking and move funds around, or take money from the accounts, if She so pleases. That itself already gives Her tremendous power, but besides that, I had also given Her a golden Amex credit card that has no limit on it. I have zero control over when, where and how often She uses it.

The financial control part of our relationship is one of the most exciting ones. I have to say that I had never felt so confident to give a woman full control over my finances and thus, whole life. I fully realize the dangers of this arrangement, because Mistress can literally ruin me within minutes by simply draining all the accounts. Although that would give Her a nice sum of money without hardly any effort, I know that She will not do that. Mistress is more clever than that. She realizes that in the long term run it is a lot more profitable to make sure I toil for Her for years and decades to come. I can rest assured that She will not ruin me, but just takes enough to make the most out of it.

And what is the next step? Mistress just commanded me to write a will to make sure She gets the rest of my possession one day. This order excited me so much. Of course I will obey!

slave Pejsek aka Pet


This gorgeous mink coat was kindly purchased by slave Simone. The rest of the outfit was sponsored by Pet.

This is how I start my days

It´s delicious to take the mornings easy while you already toil to earn me money!

breakfast edited

Satin bathrobe and matching nightie are gifts from an Egyptian slave.

The royal lifestyle

You have probably already figured out that I lead life of leisure and pleasure. Quite literally so. My days are filled with travelling, reading, watching carefully selected movies, dining and wining in distinguished restaurants, relaxation in spa, shopping…  Only when I’m in the mood I session with my personal slaves and clients I choose to see.

I am one of the lucky few who doesn´t have to toil in order to earn the living. I was born superior and submissive men can sense this exquisite quality in a woman. As a result they provide me with anything I need whether it´s stylish clothes and shoes, luxurious cosmetics, fine meals, holidays, cash or credit cards.



Picture 1 – enjoying jacuzzi at my slave´s place

Picture 2 – by Mistress Arella – De Librije (Zwolle, NL)

Weekend in Berlin

Last weekend was fun. A slave and I went to Berlin to shop, dine and relax.

We stayed in a presidential suite of a chic hotel, had room service in the mornings and afterwards went to swimming pool and sauna. On Sunday the slave attended my pedicure so my feet are nice and smooth again, just waiting to be worshipped. We dined in my favourite hotel Concorde, an opulent event that took full 4 hours.  Other than that we had a couple of lovely meals in the Kempinski hotel restaurants. Of course we found time to pop into KaDeWe as well as a local fetish shop.

It was such a lovely weekend but so short… Time does fly fast when you are having fun!


Picture by M. Arella – Kempinski Berlin Le Grill


Gifts April 16th 2013

These lovely creams and masques are very recent presents from my favourite slave.


I love this sexy turquoise jumper that I got about a month ago from the same sub. Earrings are from James.


Zurich – May

I will be visiting Zurich May 10th and 11th (possibly 9th too) and will be available for hotel sessions, shopping sprees, dining, real life servitude etc. Email asap to secure your slot: (cc:


Holidays with my slave

A few months ago I was invited on holidays by a good slave of mine. I chose Portugal and decided to spend a few days on the mainland and the rest on Madeira. I can honestly say that it turned out to be the most enjoyable holidays of my life. I was served in so many different ways that it would take me whole day to list them here all. Just to give you an idea; the slave served me meals, snacks and drinks, massaged my feet after a whole day trek, chauffeured me on the island, made my bed every morning, kept the apartment tidy and surprised me with at least one present each day. And because he was such a good boy, he was allowed to worship my exquisite body almost every night. That´s what I call heaven!