Total financial power exchange

Mistress asked me to write a short report about how She controls all my finances.

Without Her permission I am not allowed to pay for anything other than food and other necessities. For instance, clothing I can only get if Mistress goes to the shops with me and approves of the garments that I intend to buy.  The only exception out of this rule are gifts that I am allowed to surprise Mistress with, although She often chooses the treats Herself, in which case I buy them and bring them to our dates. Naturally I also take Mistress shopping anytime She wants. Other than that I regularly have the privilege to take Mistress to distinguished restaurants as my Owner is very fond of fine dining.

But those are not the only things I pay for. When we go on holidays, I pay for Mistress´ air ticket and accommodation, not to mention smaller expenses such as taxi or car rental, admission fees, etc. At the moment I am looking for an apartment in Prague so that I can spend even more time with my Goddess in the future. Mistress is completely in charge of the process and will be an official co-owner of the apartment once the property has been found and purchased.

Mistress also has full access to my bank accounts and credit card statements. She even has the possibility to enter my internet banking and move funds around, or take money from the accounts, if She so pleases. That itself already gives Her tremendous power, but besides that, I had also given Her a golden Amex credit card that has no limit on it. I have zero control over when, where and how often She uses it.

The financial control part of our relationship is one of the most exciting ones. I have to say that I had never felt so confident to give a woman full control over my finances and thus, whole life. I fully realize the dangers of this arrangement, because Mistress can literally ruin me within minutes by simply draining all the accounts. Although that would give Her a nice sum of money without hardly any effort, I know that She will not do that. Mistress is more clever than that. She realizes that in the long term run it is a lot more profitable to make sure I toil for Her for years and decades to come. I can rest assured that She will not ruin me, but just takes enough to make the most out of it.

And what is the next step? Mistress just commanded me to write a will to make sure She gets the rest of my possession one day. This order excited me so much. Of course I will obey!

slave Pejsek aka Pet


This gorgeous mink coat was kindly purchased by slave Simone. The rest of the outfit was sponsored by Pet.

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