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Dining wishlist

I have been dining with my subs as well as clients since the very beginning of my kinky career. There have been some amazing, never to be forgotten events, but it also sometimes happens that my dining companion is simply socially awkward. You know all those shy and quiet types  but also those who just love to listen to their own voice, rudely not giving their partner enough (if any) space in the conversation? It’s hard to say which group is more annoying. Those who have nothing to say or those who never shut up? Such occasions always leave me highly frustrated and sometimes even angry. Just a few days ago, I had to turn down an offer to be taken to a dinner by a client I once met for drinks (terribly boring experience) as well as a session (that he managed to ruin within less than 15 min).

As much as I love fine dining and talking to people, I urge you to do some healthy self-analysis before you approach me. Do your dates regularly excuse themselves right after the main course, never staying for dessert, cup of tea or another glass of wine? Do you ever have silent moments while dining with Ladies? Are you a person who normally answers questions with dull “yes” or “no”, not bothering to elaborate or develop proper conversation? Do you expect your companion to do most of the talking? Do you ever check whether your dining partner is having a good time or are you just too self-absorbed? Have you ever been accused of being a narcissist? Has anyone ever hinted that you apparently really like to listen to yourself?

If you are not sure whether you are a decent dinner companion but wish to treat me a to a nice meal anyway, do consider getting me the gift voucher below:

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