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Funny enquiries 5

Generic guy: I want to be your slave without financial servitude. Interests: female domination, chastity, wax play, teasing, bondage….

My comment: Yeah, and I want Lamborghini Aventador, a mansion with pool, private chef and huge garden. Which does not mean it’s gonna happen. I may surely keep dreaming about it  but I don’t email random strangers and ask them to provide it. That’s the difference between the two of us. You are fool and I am cool.  


Now read carefully, retard:

What you actually mean is “I want a service but don’t want to pay for it”. Financial servitude is a different thing altogether.

Client of a pro domme (even if he calls himself “slave”) = someone who pays for a specific time limited femdom or fetish service, the payment is often referred to as “tribute”.

Tribute is not optional just like payment in a restaurant is not. This is the easy part, right?

Financial slave = someone who tributes a domme without actually requesting sessions (real time or online) or anything else in return. I know, you struggle with this concept but it works for some people. Here we talk about financial servitude UNLIKE in the case above.

A pro domme (pretty much any domme who has website or professional images) = a woman who charges for her femdom or fetish services at all times unless you are lucky enough to be her partner or perhaps a valued friend. Think of a masseuse. She is not gonna rub your back for free unless the two of you are in relationship no matter how much she enjoys giving massage. Also not too difficult I hope.

If you want a lifestyle domme, get one. If you want a pro domme, don’t pretend you did not know tribute would be required.



You can never have me…

but it is so easy to serve me!


You are not worthy


Kiss my ass and send me cash

Funny enquiries 4

English guy: Can I tribute you with a poem or a drawing?

My comment: Let me check if my bank accepts those.

Generic guy: I want to be your financial slave. How do I proceed?

My comment: Perhaps sending a tribute would be it?

Arabic guy: Can you travel anywhere?

My comment: Sure. Some of my favourite destinations include: Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, Iraq and eastern Ukraine.

Another English bloke: Do you do “lift n’ carry”?

My comment: Yeah, why bother with 10 kg weights if I can use dumb blokes double of my size during my daily work out?

Generic guy: Do you do competitive wrestling?

My comment: Happy to wrestle with you but to ensure fair play, I will need to feed you female hormones for a number of months prior to the session. I’m sure you won’t mind.

American guy: I can’t tribute you  because I’m not a fin slave.

My comment: Where on my website does it say that my time and skills have no value, unless you happen to be a fin slave? Where does it say that I am interested to meet random males (RT or online), fulfil their various sexual fantasies and leave empty-handed? This is male chauvinism at its best to say the least.

Yet another English guy: Do you ever session without getting paid?

My comment: Dude, pro domme = professional dominatrix. It’s a profession.



Subbie tax

Have you paid your subbie tax this month?


Words of appreciation (London August visit)

Dear Mistress,

I do read your blog and twitter feeds and honestly think your personal slaves are incredibly lucky to have a mistress like you – as you do seem to care about them and whilst you are happy to take their servitude and financial submission you do appear to want to make sure they get something in return – which is apparently rare these days.



Hello Mistress Arella,

I would just like to thank you for the amazing session we had, it takes a very skilled Mistress to create such an enjoyable session out of a very basic location. To session with you in a fully equipped dungeon must be an out of this world experience I hope one day to enjoy.



Good evening Mistress,

Thank you for the session we had together on Saturday, it was exactly how I remember our first session together last year – perfect!

I look forward to hearing from you again when you are next in the UK.



Thank you for all those kind words, boys!

Some of the stuff I got from my slaves…





Clothes, handbag, boots and hosiery are all courtesy of slaves G., B. and W.