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I just got…

Two generous Amazon gift cards that you can never go wrong with! Thanks K. and G.!

Screen Shot 2015-05-26 at 13.39.42

Heavy duty leather hood – great addition to my bondage collection.



Ted Baker shirt looks great with the previously received Reiss pencil skirt and I also got this elegant Karen Millen top.

All three gifts are courtesy of K.

What did I get lately from my boys?


Reiss fitted skirt …

Screen Shot 2015-05-21 at 15.55.45

Sexy Supertrash pants



Karen Millen top goes great with my jeans.

All gifts are courtesy of my personal slave.

K.’s journal part 3

How Mistress Arella Saved my Life

This blog will tell you how having a whipping from Mistress Arella can actually save your life.

For the past 5 years I have only been able to receive punishments from Pro Dommes that would not bruise or mark me due to me having a wife. This has been frustrating for me as I do enjoy being severely punished and prior to being married I could visit a Pro Domme and be bruised & marked without having to worry. I was pleased when my wife decided to book a holiday for 3 weeks, leaving me home alone. My first thought was to invite Mistress Arella to London so that we could have a no limits session where she could bruise & mark me as much as she wanted.

Mistress Arella had been bought a new leather whip by one of her slaves, the whip was thick, hard and had a solid end part which when used can cause immense pain. Mistress had doubts whether to use this whip on me due to the pain it may cause, however she decided I deserved a harsh whipping, so proceeded to strap me to a whipping bench so that I was fully restrained and have no choice but to accept a harsh whipping.

The first strike was painful, I did not know how many strikes I could take, but I had no choice, Mistress continued to whip me 1,2,3,4….20 then I lost count. A thoroughly painful yet enjoyable whipping.

The bruising appeared almost straight away, that evening I could see the bruising on my bottom and upper leg, nothing unusual there, it would be what you would expect after a harsh whipping, so I thought nothing of it and went to bed. It was painful to lie down and sleep, again to be expected. The next morning I woke up to find the bruise had spread down the back of my leg, again I thought nothing of it, as long as the bruising disappeared before my wife returned from holiday I did not mind. Throughout the week I noticed the bruise was getting worse rather than better, after 7 days it had spread from my bottom/upper legs right down to my calf. My whole leg was bruised. I posted a photo of this on Twitter and Mistress Arella was immediately concerned as this was not a usual reaction to a whipping. Mistress Arella spoke to her ex personal slave who advised that the bruising usually disappeared fairly quickly after a whipping. Mistress Arella advised me to visit my doctor.

On visiting my doctor he was a little concerned so he decided to carry out a few tests, whilst there I also advised him I had a digestive problem where I could not swallow food easily. This resulted in a number of tests including having a camera put down my throat. After many many tests and needles being put into me and being prodded around, they discovered that I had some cancerous cells in my oesophagus, obviously I was a little shocked although not overly surprised as I have always struggled to eat food.The acid from my stomach had entered my oesophagus and created a sore about an inch wide, as this had been happening my whole life the sore had developed into a form of cancer.

Over the next month I went through further tests and found that the cancer was non aggressive and could be treated fairly easily, which obviously was a great relief for me. Next week I am due to have the section that is affected cut out which should in theory clear me of the cancerous cells. I will need a few treatments after the operation to ensure this is the case.

If the cancer had not been detected at such an early stage my prognosis could have been very different. This is thanks to the whipping I received from Mistress Arella, had I not had that whipping I would not have gone to the doctors, had Mistress Arella not seen the bruising and suggested that I visit my doctor the cancer would still be undetected.

The moral of this short blog post is go and have a session with Mistress Arella, it could possibly save your life.

This did make me think of a new fetish which I am yet to see if Mistress Arella will take advantage of. The fact Mistress Arella has saved my life, means that I now owe her my life and should do anything she wants according to an old Chinese proverb. I will have to wait and see.

When Mistress Arella next visits London I will be fully recovered. I hope the fact I have been unwell Mistress Arella does not feel she cannot fully punish me. We have agreed to no more harsh whippings but I hope there is an alternative activity that can cause me pain without the bruising & marks.

Thank you for saving my life Mistress Arella.


K.’s journal part 2

This is a belated blog post due to some health issues I have experienced, however despite being delayed I hope you will enjoy me sharing my experiences as Mistress Arella’s Personal Slave.

It has been 9 months since I first met Mistress Arella and I can say it has probably been the most memorable 9 months of my life, you will know from my previous blog post that I am an experienced slave, however this has only been in limited sessions with various Pro Dommes, therefore I had never experienced the true feeling of being owned or feeling like I am a 24/7 Slave. Serving Mistress Arella has completely changed my life, I now feel owned and I am oncall to her 24/7 365 days a year if she needs me.

A good place to start with explaining how I serve Mistress Arella is probably with how I serve her when she visits London. You may think this starts when she arrives at the airport, however you would be wrong. Long before Mistress has arrived we need to plan a number of things for her visit i.e. accommodation, for Mistress Arella’s visit in March I offered to pay for the accommodation & flights in full, therefore I deposited the £600.00 (yes it is that cheap) into Mistress Arella’s bank account so that she could book suitable accommodation & the flights.

The next priority is to plan where Mistress Arella will be dining. For her visit in March I had the privilege of dining with her on 4 occasions. The restaurants all need to be booked prior to Mistress arriving in London, therefore it is my job to ensure all the restaurants are booked for the time requested by Mistress Arella. All the restaurants are fine dining venues of course.

As Mistress Arella had a couple of photoshoots arranged for her visit, I also arranged for a hair salon at a 5 Star hotel to cut & style her hair. I, of course, paid for this as her slave.

Mistress Arella also likes me to purchase some basic food items that she can enjoy in her apartment during her time in London. I normally do this an hour before Mistress Arella arrives to ensure all the food is as fresh as possible.

The photoshoots were mainly arranged so that she could model the leather items I had purchased for her in February, however Mistress Arella also wanted to model some lingerie, therefore I wanted to ensure she had everything she needed for the photoshoot. Mistress Arella chose some lovely items which I purchased for her.

You will see from the above that there are a number of duties I carry out as Mistress Arella’s Personal Slave which I would liken to being a PA to a CEO of a company, that is the best way I can describe it.

I bet most of you who are reading this would think that it was all about me being whipped & caned and enjoying being dominated and humiliated by Mistress Arella. Well this is a real Personal Slave Position where a lot of the tasks you may see as menial. This is a part of my Personal Slave duties I really enjoy as it is making Mistress Arella’s life easier and that is what I want to do as Mistress Arella’s Personal Slave.

So that is all the preparation done, it is now time for Mistress Arella to arrive. My day starts with excitement & anticipation as I know today is the day I get to serve Mistress Arella in person. I normally go to work until midday and then take the afternoon off so that I can do Mistress Arella’s shopping and be ready in good time to chauffeur Mistress Arella from the airport to the apartment. This visit is slightly different though as we have arranged for Mistress Arella to have her hair trimmed immediately on her arrival. I chauffeur Mistress Arella to a 5 star hotel which has a hair salon onsite. I wait patiently in the reception area until Mistress summons me in to pay the stylist. Mistress Arella is not happy, the stylist (a male & owner of the salon) has been rude & was not gentle whilst styling her hair. I can see Mistress is livid, this is her natural dominance shining through.

We decide to have a couple of cocktails in the Hotel Bar whilst we wait for the hotel restaurant to open. It is time to have a nice chat & relax a little bit after a day of travelling. When the restaurant opens we are seated next to a lovely water feature in an enclosed area which is nice as Mistress does not like to be in a noisy environment. We have a lovely meal and enjoyable chat. After the meal it is time to chauffeur Mistress Arella to her apartment. This is a 2 bed apartment in Chiswick and is up to Mistress Arella’s requirements. I help Mistress Arella in with her luggage and ensure she has everything she needs before I go home for the night.

As I get home I see Mistress Arella has sent me an email. She is not happy as she has been left a note saying that a gas man will call in the morning to carry out some checks. During Mistress Arella’s visit in February she was disturbed by the noisy trains which made it difficult for her to sleep. We had requested an apartment in a quieter area this time so that Mistress Arella could have a peaceful nights sleep.The fact that a gas man could wake her up did not please her. It was my job to phone the company to say that Mistress Arella did not want the gas man to call. They were rather difficult with this request and initially refused to cancel, however I advised them that if they did not cancel we would be looking for some type of compensation for the inconvenience. They immediately cancelled, to my relief. I would not want to disappoint Mistress Arella.

The next day I arrive to chauffeur Mistress Arella to her photoshoot, but prior to that we are due to have lunch at another Michelin star restaurant, again this is a lovely meal and I feel privileged that I am allowed to accompany Mistress Arella to lunch. She always has so many interesting stories and is not afraid to talk about being a Pro Domme in public. After lunch we make our way to the photoshoot. Whilst Mistress Arella gets changed into her leather outfit I pay the photo studio for the hire, I also speak to her photographer who is experienced in his profession so much so that he has had numerous photos in the media, some very well known. As a budding photographer myself it is interesting to pick up some tips from him.

During the shoot I am an observer, helping move props if required and ensuring Mistress Arella has everything she needs. I am also lucky enough to be used in some of the scenarios which is a lovely experience.

After a long tiring day for both of us, I chauffeur Mistress Arella back to her apartment and I make my way home.

It is Friday, today we have a lot planned, firstly a meal at an Italian restaurant followed by my first dungeon session with Mistress Arella & finally I get the opportunity to photograph Mistress Arella myself.

I will skip straight to the session. The dungeon was adequate for our needs, but even before we entered the dungeon I had to help Mistress Arella put her stockings on. I was struggling and could not get the clips to hold. Mistress Arella immediately slapped me in the face a number of times. I continued to struggle for what seemed like a lifetime, Mistress Arella slapped my face again a number of times and then was so angry she got out her cane & caned me on my bare bottom. The session had not even started and I was being punished.

During the session we tried a number of things, including me being strapped to a bondage wheel. Whilst strapped & helpless Mistress Arella gained great pleasure by putting on some boxing gloves and punching my balls a number of times until I was screaming in agony. Very enjoyable though. Mistress Arella also put me in a cage from which I worshipped her feet through the bars. Mistress Arella had a brand new whip which even she said may be too much for me, however she went on to whip me which resulted in a number of bruises on my bottom and thighs. Again very enjoyable. For the first time since August 2014, Mistress Arella allowed me some relief in a session, which was very kind of her.

After the session it was time for me to Photograph Mistress Arella in various outfits, mainly the sexy lingerie I had purchased. I was extremely privileged to be allowed to do this. We spent 3 hours taking a number of photos, a lovely experience for me. At the end of the photoshoot we were both so tired. It had been a long day and I think we both just wanted to get home and sleep. I chauffeured Mistress Arella back home.

Before I left for my home Mistress Arella handed me a bag full of her dirty lingerie, this included 3 panties, a bra, stockings & a negligee. Mistress Arella requested that I hand wash all these items & return them to her spotlessly clean the next morning.

As I arrived home I hurried into my house & prepared to hand wash these items. This was again such a privilege to be allowed to handle something as intimate as Mistress Arella’s panties. She knows I have a pantie fetish so she must have known what a tease this is for me. I delicately hand washed all the items ensuring that the panties were spotlessly clean, I gently massaged the water into the panties ensuring no area was missed. I did the same for the other items. I needed to dry the items quickly so I hung them in my bedroom on the dryer and decided to speed up the process by placing a heating fan near the dryer. To my relief all the items were dry by the morning. The lingerie I washed was extremely sexy, expensive & had been worn by in my opinion the sexiest woman on this planet. For a pantie fetishist such as myself this was my dream task. I’m glad to say Mistress Arella was pleased with the results so I hope she will allow me to hand wash her lingerie again on her next visit.

For me a lovely day and the highlight of her visit.

Saturday and it is the day Mistress Arella flies home. I arrive at the apartment early so that we can have a domestic session, these are every bit as good as a dungeon session, todays session involved me giving Mistress Arella a nail manicure, me being wrapped in cling film so I am completely helpless. Mistress Arella uses some fairly harsh nipple clamps on me, my cock & balls are tied with string leaving them very securely held in place. I am then laid on my back on the bed, still wrapped in cling film, my cock & balls are exposed for Mistress to torture, she uses a number of items including clamps, candle wax & even an electrical device to shock my cock. Mistress Arella then sits on my face, I am really turned on by this point and hope Mistress Arella will allow me to relieve myself. She doesn’t, instead the session ends, Mistress tells me to stay on the bed whilst she gets changed. She comes back in with the sexiest lingerie I have ever seen, showing off every sexy part of her beautiful body. If only I could relieve myself I am so turned on. Well maybe next time.

After the session we both get ready to visit a dungeon just to view so that Mistress Arella can use the dungeon on her next visit. The dungeon is full to the brim with all manner of torture devices. It was nice to go there and be introduced to the other Mistress as Mistress Arella’s Personal Slave. It made me feel proud to be in this position and actually made me feel that I belong in this position, it just felt so natural.

Time for another lunch before Mistress Arella returns home. This was not without incident. On arrival at the restaurant we were seated next to a noisy group of people. Mistress Arella & I were trying to have a pleasant conversation whilst eating our starter. The noise from the next table meant we could not hear ourselves speak, to Mistress Arella’s obvious displeasure. Mistress Arella in a high voice made it clear she was not happy and asked me to arrange to be seated at another table. I spoke to the manager and he hastily prepared another table for us to move to. We were then able to continue with our meal.

It is always sad for me when I have to say goodbye to Mistress Arella at the airport. I know in this visit I have really been spoiled, I spent every day with Mistress Arella and enjoyed some wonderful experiences. Hopefully there will be many more to come.

There we have it my life as Mistress Arella’s Personal Slave, I would not change it for the world, it is where I belong and where I feel most naturally happy. If you ever get the opportunity to be Mistress Arella’s Personal Slave or even just session with her, grab it with both hands as it is a rare unique opportunity to turn your dreams & fantasies into reality.

My next blog will explain how Mistress Arella saved my life…yes really.

Start of the week treats


What is inside this little package? A hi tech USB chargable vibe!



And inside this box? Gorgeous leather and lace skirt that fits so well!


Thanks K.! xx