Dubai trip 2016

One of my faithful personal slaves invited me to Dubai this month. It had been a while since I travelled so I was very keen to accept the offer. I visited UAE twice previously,  back then courtesy of a Saudi and a Kuwaiti fan. However, this time it was less business and more pleasure with me being in charge 24/7 and that is just how I like it.

Upon the arrival the slave picked me up at the airport and took me to a spacious and comfortable hotel apartment. He made me a cup of tea and ordered room service. While I was having dinner, the slave was busy getting me groceries from a nearby supermarket for the next days. He then offered to massage my feet while I was chatting on the phone. He looked so happy while serving me but it was getting late so I decided to send him home and go to bed myself. The slave was begging to be allowed to stay in the apartment overnight but I have strict policy on that.

The next few days we ate both in and out, went shopping and had a hardcore interrogation session. I travelled with almost no props so had to be really creative. I am proud to say that I am so experienced these days that I can make an apartment session as enjoyable as one in a fully equipped dungeon, if not more so. Actually, I got so inspired that I came with a few things I had not done in a session previously and thus surprised not just the slave but myself as well. We both had so much fun.

The slave served me well during the whole trip – prepared my snacks, chauffeured me to places, took pictures for me, ran errands, ironed my clothes, did my pedicure, kept my apartment tidy…. Do I need to continue?

On the last day I noticed the slave was crying. When I asked him about it, he confessed he was very sad about me leaving. The true is, that I quite like to see adult men crying. It is not their pain I find so attractive but rather the intimacy of the moment. In this world of overinflated male egos, a man needs to be strong to allow people see him vulnerable and I do admire this strength. There is also something almost feminine about a crying man (as they say “Men don´t cry”) and if I can, as a woman, ever really relate to a man, it would be to a sensitive and an emotional one.

The slave and I briefly talked about the possibility to go on longer holidays together before we said good-bye at the airport. We are yet to discuss any details but I am already very excited about it.


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