If you want to meet me for a real life session, provide the following information:

your first name or nickname, age, nationality, BDSM experience (novice or experienced), likes and limits, date, time, length of the desired session as well as the name and address of your hotel. Alternatively, clearly state your preference for dungeon settings.

In some cases a deductible upfront deposit  may be required, especially for longer arrangements, sessions outside Prague, double domme sessions, late evening sessions, sessions in a dungeon or whenever there is any doubt if the booking is genuine. The deposit can be paid anonymously by a credit card.

The tribute for hotel sessions is € 180 per hour. Dungeon sessions are  €220 – 250 / hr depending on the location. I generally try to book the cheaper one located in Prague 4 Zabehlice first, if unavailable or its location does not suit you, there´s another in Prague 5 Smichov. Discounts for longer sessions are not available and the tribute is strictly non-negotiable.

Flat fee for lunch dates is € 150 (up to 1.5  hrs)Flat fee for dinner dates is € 200 (usually 2 hrs).

Taxi fare of € 30-40 may be added to some hotel sessions tributes depending on time of the appointment and location of the hotel.

I accept euro, Czech koruna and British pounds.

BEWARE! Anyone intentionally wasting my time by not following my booking instructions or emailing back-and-forth for any other reason such as asking a number of eyebrow-raising questions will be charged an extra fee. My time costs money even outside of sessions.

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Do note that sexual services of any kind including intimate (nude) face-sitting are strictly not on offer. I also cannot accommodate you if you seek toilet activities (including “golden shower”), enemas, extreme and potentially dangerous practices (fisting and heavy breath play including). I do not switch. Wrestling, needles, blood play and nudity on my part are off-limit. I am not equipped for rubber and medical games. I don’t smoke. Please inform me if you have any health problems when booking.

I do not cooperate with any male or female submissives or switches, however, a double domme session may be possible.

I particularly enjoy servitude training, casual domination, foot worship, small cock humiliation, findom and more…

It is advisable to give a few days notice, particularly if you would like to session in the dungeon. Same day hotel appointments may sometimes be possible if you book in the morning.

As of August 22nd 2016, my availability will be limited to mostly weekday evenings and weekends only. However, feel free to enquire even if that does not suit you as there may be some exceptions from the aforementioned rule.

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