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From Mistress´ Diary part 4

Around the time I broke up with slave B., two new wonderful personal slaves found their way into my life. They are different age, nationality, ethnic background and have different family status as well as the overall lifestyle but one thing they do have in common – both grew extremely devoted to me over the time. Naturally, there have been a few disappointments along the way as one would expect in any relationship or personal arrangement. What really counts, though, is that things have progressed very well with both of them lately.

My English slave K. decided to prove his loyalty by offering to get a brand of my ownership anywhere on his body as per my preference. This is something I haven´t explored with any of my slaves yet and I instantly felt intrigued.  The slave is now looking into various designs and he should get one of them tattooed later this spring. The kinkiest bit actually is not the tattoo itself but rather the fact, that K. is married and this obviously WILL have consequences for his marriage.

The other exciting news is that K. has just ordered a Platinum credit card for me. It will be handed to me personally in a few weeks time, probably as part of our next session. This does not only make me feel so spoilt, it naturally gives me some extra power over my slave. Something I genuinely thrive on.

My Middle-Eastern slave N. is not married but is limited by his very demanding job. His major ambition is to eventually relocate to Europe so that he can be closer to me and serve me better. By the time this happens, we should be able to meet in between his work projects, possibly as often as every two months. N.´s way of servitude is extremely self-less. He stood out of the crowd already the first time we met when he impressed me with the largest tip I had ever received from anyone in a session. The other mind-blowing thing about N. is that he will happily serve and treat the people I love just to please me. This is very rare because there´s nothing sexual or kinky about it. It´s pure servitude at its best.

I am very curious about what´s coming next in my D/s arrangements and whether there will or will not be any new personal slaves accepted this year. As all of you know, the bar had been set high and hardly anyone is given the chance to become my owned slave.

Christmas wishlist

Christmas is fast approaching so I think it is time to start advertising my seasonal wishes!

Recently I have revamped my public wishlist to reflect on my increased preference for experience as opposed to material goods. Don´t get me wrong, I still crave beautiful clothes, shoes and accessories, especially those that can be used in future photoshoots. I also still appreciate the every day sort of treats such as cosmetics or more casual clothes as they simply save me the money I would have to otherwise spend. The same goes for the UK Amazon gift vouchers. You just cannot go wrong with those. On top of that, I would be extremely delighted to get the iPhone 7 plus or a new fur coat. However, having had a very busy year with almost zero “me” time, this is what I would also like to get:

  • Sponsor my photo shoot – email for details.
  • Spa gift vouchers, check the public wishlist for details.
  • Sponsor my trip to London or Berlin (December 2016 or April 2017).

If you are a financial slave or are simply comfortable giving cash, you can do so here. Alternatively, ask for my UK bank account no.

**Thank you N. for sponsoring my holidays in Dubai and the chateau weekend.**

**Thank you K. for ordering the iPhone and sponsoring my photo shoot**


K.’s journal

My life as a Slave

The Beginning

My journey as a slave began almost 22 years ago when I was just 17 years old. Other teen boys my age were probably looking at Playboy Magazines, I however stumbled across a magazine called “Forum”. This was a fetish magazine with interesting stories of Dominant women & sub men. This is where I first found that Dominant woman aroused me. I read the “Forum” magazine over a period of 6 months and noted that there were Personal Classified Ads placed in this publication. After saving my wages over a couple of months, I plucked up courage to book my first session with a Pro Domme.

The Ad read :

Double domination by 2 Mistresses £140 per hour.

I eagerly booked the session and booked a day off work, this was such an important moment in my life I can even remember the exact date 03/12/1993. I arrived at the session, the ad was only worded & did not have photos of the Mistresses. As they opened the door I was mildly disappointed, 2 women stood there, both in their mid forties & were not in the best shape. I did however proceed with the session, which involved mild spanking,caning,foot & leg worship. The Mistresses were friendly enough. They even asked me to donate to their Homeless Dog charity. The fact that this is my lasting memory of my first session obviously means it was not the most exhilarating session of my life.

Not put off by the disappointing first session, I began the search for another Mistress to serve, again an ad in the “Forum” this time the ad read :

Sexy South American woman mid Twenties All types of Domination offered.

I arrived at this session trying not to build up my hopes too much. A Lady opened the door, she was in her 50’s and my jaw dropped. “Please come in” she said. I reluctantly entered the building, my head was trying to think of excuses to leave. To my relief she said “I am Mistress’ Maid, Mistress will be with you shortly”. Suddenly my adrenalin started to build again as I looked around the room & realised I was in a fully equipped dungeon with a stone floor. This built the excitement even more, the wait for Mistress seemed to be forever but in reality it would have been 5 minutes. As I sat waiting I could hear Mistress’ foot steps as she walked down the hallway to the dungeon. As she entered I could see she was wearing thigh high leather boots, a short leather skirt barely covering her black lace panties and a leather top. The best way to describe her look would be to say she was a spitting image of Jennifer Lopez, including the sexy bottom. The session began with me having to worship her body, she then tied me to a St Andrew Cross. I was naked & helpless, my cock was hard which she promptly noticed and began whipping it hard with a cock whip. Nipple clamps were then placed on me and I was indeed completely helpless, exactly what I have dreamed of in the presence of a sexy Mistress. This was my fantasy come true. This is when I realised I had to be a slave.

Over the next few years I visited various Mistresses, some good, some bad but after each bad session, I always revisited the South American Mistress to restore my faith that this is the life I should lead. I visited her one last time in 2004 just before she retired. It was fitting that this would be my last session with her. She played an important part in the early years of me becoming a slave.

Stage 2 of my Slave development

I decided that I wanted to serve one Mistress on a regular basis, so my search began for that one Mistress. In 2005 I was lucky enough to meet a young very sexy Mistress, mid twenties, a lovely figure & a Mistress who offered the type of sessions I was looking for. The Mistress who is now a well established & well respected UK Domme offered excellent sessions. She enjoyed punishing & humiliating me and seemed to have distinct joy in providing watersports, each & every session. I believe this was her form of ultimate humiliation. At first I did not enjoy this but as time went on I just had to accept it. The sessions were very imaginative and I could see why she was gaining popularity. Over period of the 9 years I served her, it became increasingly difficult to book a session as she was always fully booked up. I would often try to gauge how much she wanted me to serve her, I even offered to take her out to lunch but eventually it was obvious to me that she would only ever want to see me during the 2 hour sessions we had every couple of months. This was disappointing to me as I had offered a lot of loyalty over a period of 9 years and was probably one of her most regular clients. This made me think that maybe it was time to move on & find a Mistress who could offer exactly what I was looking for in a Mistress/Slave relationship.

Mistress Arella

In 2014 I decided to create a Twitter account. I had previously been on various sites trying to find a Mistress to serve on a regular basis, this did not always go well as I came across many scammers, luckily I was wise enough to know when I was being scammed. Twitter however offered a new exciting way of meeting Mistresses. I corresponded with a few Mistresses, one of which I offered a chauffeur service, by another I was used as a slave to train a new Mistress. I then recall finding Mistress Arella’s Twitter profile, I remembered her from her time in London as I was always interested in serving her, but due to my loyalty to my ex Mistress I never got round to booking a session with her. Then came the news that Mistress Arella was to visit London in August 2014. This was an opportunity not to be missed, I promptly emailed Mistress to book a session. I thought I would just be seen as another ordinary slave, however Mistress Arella then asked if anybody could offer to be her chauffeur from Heathrow airport to her London apartment. After a moments thought I offered my services. This would prove to be one of the best decisions of my life.

During Mistress Arella’s visit I acted as chauffeur to a couple of destinations, including a viewing of a dungeon & I also accompanied Mistress Arella to lunch. Again another important decision. During our time in the car journeys & our conversation over lunch, I realised this was the Mistress I wanted to serve for the rest of my life. The domestic session I had with Mistress Arella was out of this world, probably the best session I had experienced outside of a dungeon, Mistress Arella showed great imagination in how the session progressed and I believe we both gained great enjoyment from the session.

Findom & Personal Slavery

Mistress Arella returned home to Czech Republic and I kept regular contact with her via Twitter & email. Then in October I received a polite email asking if I could assist in purchasing a lovely Karen Millen dress. It was so polite that Mistress Arella was not even asking me to pay for the dress, she was just asking if I could purchase the dress in the UK as it was more readily available there. She wanted this dress for her upcoming trip to Dubai. As I had some spare cash I willingly offered to pay for the dress. This is where my Findom slavery began.

This is an interesting subject, the media seem fascinated by Findom, they do not seem to understand what makes a man want to buy gifts for a Findom Mistress. Well let me explain, I do not actually class myself as a Findom slave, I am by no means rich, I have an average job & I class myself as Mr Average in society. I adore Mistress Arella & respect what she has achieved in a difficult & competitive profession. Mistress Arella deserves to be seen as one of the most accomplished Mistresses in the world, she is that talented. I enjoy being a service oriented slave, I will literally do whatever Mistress asks of me if it is within my capabilities, I gain as much enjoyment from that as I do in an actual session. So back to the Findom aspect, I enjoy buying Mistress Arella gifts, she does not force me to do it, she does not humiliate me into doing it, I do it because I gain great satisfaction in making Mistress Arella happy & unlike some Mistresses she is genuinely appreciative of the gifts I buy her.

Although I may not always have the money to buy the gifts I want to buy for Mistress Arella, if I do have spare cash I will make it my priority. My aim is to buy her at least one gift a month, which I feel is realistically achievable. However when I have a bit of extra money like I have done recently I will spoil her as much as I can. Is this being a findom slave? Some will see it as that, I personally don’t, I see it as wanting to make my Mistress happy. As a slave to Mistress Arella I want to improve her quality of life as much as I can, if I can assist in making Mistress Arella’s life that little bit better, I will & take great pride in that. It is what she truly deserves. There are too many timewasting so called slaves out there, I want to be one of the good ones.

Mistress Arella noticed how much effort I was putting into being a slave and offered me the position of her personal slave. This is the ultimate dream for me, a dream come true, an offer not to be missed. I now take great pride in being Mistress Arella’s personal slave, I have finally achieved what I have always wanted – to be a real slave to a beautiful Mistress. I will honestly do anything she asks of me.

I guess if the media read this article they would mock me, but I am doing what makes me happy in life, am I a Findom slave? I have spent thousands of pounds on Mistress Arella this year, so to some I am, to me I am not.


Client from hell

A few years ago, I was unfortunate enough to come across a client who makes my blood boil till this day. Not permanently of course, but each time something or someone reminds me of him. The first time we met for an extended session, he seemed reasonably nice and charming. He gave me the expected tribute, we had a drink and a pleasant chat during the rather enjoyable session that was mostly foot worship related.  Although he was clearly topping from the bottom, he was not rude or over the top pushy so I did not see a reason why make fuss about it.

After the session, we stayed in touch by email and a few weeks later he decided to book a whole weekend arrangement. At that point it was already clear to me that although he was referring to himself as a “slave”,  he was not even submissive. However, many clients we dommes see are not truly submissive (some don’t even pretend to be), so it was hardly a reason to turn him down.

I booked a dungeon suite for which he paid the required deposit.

The day we were supposed to meet he was running late and sent me a text message to inform me about it. I thought I would iron the clothes I brought with me for the weekend in the meantime, as it seemed pointless to be staring at the wall for 10 or 15 min. When he eventually arrived, he noticed the plugged in iron and told me off for not being ready for him. I gasped. Next he started removing numerous diamond rings from his fingers. He was running a diamond emporium he told me the first time we met. Few seconds later he looked at my feet and started scolding me again, this time for having too short toe nails (sorry, they break sometimes – even Goddesses are just people) and not wearing the right nail polish. He asked for baby pink. I was wearing metallic baby pink. Apparently, huge mistake. Today I know I should have called the dungeon owner and asked him to remove the man from his property for being disrespectful, then I should have left myself. Or the other way round. Alas, I was less experienced back then and trying to be as professional as possible, determined not to ruin the client’s experience even at the cost of the (significant) discomfort he was causing me. I think I was also embarrassed about getting such a moron client and not very keen to involve other people in what would apparently escalate into a huge argument, most likely with the client requesting a refund of the dungeon rent deposit. I thought I could still handle him.

Instead I suggested to get the nails redone at the nearby mall. He agreed and decided to accompany me. Unfortunately on the way back I realised I left my phone in the dungeon which meant I did not have the door code on me. I almost panicked at that point. If the dungeon owner was out, we would never get back in again. Needless to say, I was fairly stressed out by then. Fortunately the dungeon keeper let us in. The client asked me if he could spend the night at my feet although the deal was that he would sleep in the cage. I refused. We were about to start the first session of the weekend. Probably because I was so stressed out, I forgot to ask him for the tribute. He certainly did not volunteer to give it to me either. After the session he was sort of dozing under my feet. At some point I decided it was getting totally beyond my control and I’d rather ask him for the tribute than risk that I would not get any.

Oh my. You should had seen his reaction. Again he scolded me for “rudely” and “inappropriately” interrupting his enjoyment. Next he informed me that he had no money on him  (clearly not true) so I told him he would need to go to the cashpoint. He asked how much it was anyway and I told him that we agreed he would pay the same hourly rate as last time. Angrily he informed me that long sessions tend to come with a discounted rate to which I responded that it was too late to try to negotiate a more favourable rate in the middle of the arrangement and suggested that he checks our email conversation or perhaps my website where the rate was stated. He was not willing to do either, instead started shouting at me that he was no “cash cow”.  It was impossible to keep calm any longer so I shouted at him back that noone forced him to book two days with a Mistress. He could had booked a few hours instead if money was an issue. There were many other things said that night. He decided to cut the arrangement short, which, frankly, was the only reasonable option considering how negatively we both felt about each other by then.

He gave me a few hundred pounds and asked me to get him a cab, which I did. While waiting for the car, he started collecting his diamond rings and even attempted a friendly chit chat. I asked him if he was serious when he invited me to visit him in Australia during our first session. He said he did not mean it just as he did not mean to be my real slave. Basically he was just role-playing the whole time, feeding me all kinds of bull-shit that was turning him on, never bothering to warn me it should not be taken literally. Unsurprisingly, I was extremely relieved to see the guy go.

It was the worst experience I have ever had with a client but you know that saying “What does not kill you makes you stronger”. Which it did actually. At least in terms of my profession.


The Lazy Slave comics part 8 by Unterwuerfling

the lazy slave 8-001