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Weekend at a castle

One of my personal slaves, N., was kind enough to treat me to an amazing weekend at the lovely chateau Heralec. The place is very atmospheric and, of course, luxurious. Food was delicious, service immaculate, room was beautifully decorated and so comfortable and I loved the spa too. What a brilliant present this was! I hope there will be many similar treats this year and in fact, I did get a Chateau Mcely gift voucher while I was in Heralec, this one from slave C. so yes, there will be more. ­čÖé

New wish list

I have just revamped my public wish list to make it even easier for you to spoil me! Have a look and treat me to one of the e-gift vouchers listed.


July gifts

These are just some of the gifts delivered this month. Courtesy of my personal slave K. xx





More are on the way! The life of a Goddess is truly exciting!


I almost forgot

to mention another birthday gift I got. It┬┤s a top quality suitcase that also happens to be huge so I┬┤m totally ready to travel with all my kinky stuff now! Thanks A.!

I was also given┬ásome gift cards – again much appreciated… xx


Large tributes

Large tributes are incredibly rare to receive in general and somehow it is even more true these days. It seems just about every devoted slave loves to get me stuff but when it comes to cash, there is clearly a lot less enthusiasm towards that. Let me tell you that I have bills to pay just like anyone else (surprise surprise).

The true is, I do sell my (used) stuff regularly – mostly┬áto┬ácompensate for the lack of tributes but also to declutter my house as heaps of stuff make me feel suffocated. I guess I would qualify as a minimalist, although one who constantly┬ádesires new stuff. Confusing, huh?┬á­čśë


Last week’s pampering




It’s the shirt that is new, not the bra but I thought it would be a good idea to tease you guys a bit!


Of course there were more gifts last week but certain presents are not so photogenic, hence just this sample!

Fine dining in Germany

Last week my most loyal slave and I went to Germany to play, shop, dine and relax. We had a few memorable meals while there and I think these pictures look rather well on my blog!




All pictures by Mistress Arella – restaurant Juliette, Potsdam.