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MacBook Air

Yes, I am the woman who always gets what she wants. Some of the most amazing gifts I have got from my slaves include cameras, iPads, an iMac and of course this brand new MacBook Air!

SAM_2129Of course it was slave K. again who made my day!


The Lazy Slave comics part 2 by Unterwuerfling

the lazy slave 2-001

You are not worthy


Kiss my ass and send me cash

Subbie tax

Have you paid your subbie tax this month?


Some of the stuff I got from my slaves…





Clothes, handbag, boots and hosiery are all courtesy of slaves G., B. and W.

This week I treated myself to…

some Lancome make up and a couple of sexy tops that I plan to model for you soon. All paid for by my slaveĀ“s no limits credit card of course.