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From B.´s journal – part 8

October 15, 2012

I am only allowed to read a couple of femdom related websites these days. Mistress told me some time ago that She didn’t want my mind to be poisoned by all sorts of extreme ideas. She prohibited me from viewing any bdsm content (websites, books, movies) without Her explicit prior approval. Recently Mistress hinted that She might ban one of the few websites that I was still allowed to visit. I wasn’t happy about that first but this morning I realized that the fact that She wanted to take away something from me was more important than the actual value of reading that particular website. This made me decide to voluntarily give up on reading it. It will give my mind more space and time to concentrate on my Owner and my Owner alone. So no more personal femdom related blogs from now on, except, of course, the one written by my Goddess.

November 10, 2012

Tomorrow is our first anniversary, so I have decided to invite my Mistress for lunch at a three-star Michelin restaurant here in The Netherlands. It is called De Librije and it is about an hour drive from my home town, Utrecht. My Mistress is very fond of fine dining and so am I. We share quite a few likes, preferences and hobbies, which is what makes us such a good Mistress – slave couple. We arrived early so we had a cup of tea in a nearby bistro; or rather, I should say, Mistress had a drink and I went to found a proper parking space. When I picked Her up, I paid for Her tea and, before we left the cosiness of the café, I made sure Mistress was wearing Her fur ear-muffs and leather gloves as it was chilly and windy outside. I feel it is my responsibility to make sure She´s comfortable at all times. When we entered the restaurant, we were rather impressed by the classy ambience. We enjoyed a very nice starter of crayfish and shrimps but then Mistress excused Herself to the restroom.

When She returned back to the table, She was in a very strict mood. “Why didn´t you tell me that there was a bit of lip gloss on my nose?” She asked in an irritated tone. I didn´t know what to say. Obviously I had screwed up again. In the meantime the main course arrived. Her strictness all of a sudden disappeared as She dipped Her index finger into my beetroot sauce, made a dot on my nose and burst out laughing. “Now you will need to sit like this till the end of the lunch”, She informed me, completely overwhelmed by the hilarity of the situation. I accepted the punishment as I always do, but fortunately Mistress grabbed a napkin after a minute and wiped the sauce off my nose.

Mistress and I always have a lot of fun when eating out. Recently we visited a very nice fish restaurant in Amsterdam where Mistress forced me to eat a tiger prawn´s eye and had a good laugh over my comments how crunchy it was. My Mistress can´t stand boring slaves so I do my best to keep Her entertained in any way possible. When we arrived back to Utrecht in the afternoon, Mistress decided to get changed into casual attire and pay a visit to a local adult store. She thought it would be a good idea to make me get a penis extender and instruct me to have sex with Her while wearing it. That way She would get pleasure while I wouldn´t feel anything. We didn´t really find what we were looking for but the shop owner asked me to come back the following week to check new stock so I put it on my “to do” list. This list contains tasks that were assigned to me by Mistress.

November 11, 2012

Today I was cooking for my Mistress while She was sorting out my clothes. Unfortunately, the scallops were watery, the plates were cold, the salad dressing was reduced to plain vinegar, and the salt cellar was missing on the table. I´m afraid all this will be added to the list of offences, that contains my mishaps and mischiefs. I get punished for most wrong-doings in the sessions but Mistress also tells me off each time I displease Her. We also planned our trip to Berlin in 3 weeks time. We will spend one night in Residenz Avalon, followed by another two nights in a beautiful hotel apartment that Mistress has chosen. We are very thrilled. Three weeks is a long time though, so fortunately we will also meet at the end of next week. I find it very difficult to cope when Mistress is not around, so I´m now even considering relocating to Prague to be closer to Her. I am completely enchanted by this magnificent Woman. I think She has placed a spell on me.


The Lazy Slave comics part 4 by Unterwuerfling

the lazy slave 4-001

Funny enquiries 3

English guy: Any reduced price because I can lick my cock?

My comment: No but I will reconsider if you can also shove a melon up your ass.

Another English bloke: Can I ask you a question?

My comment:  It seems you are well aware your question is totally inappropriate, hence your hesitation.

Generic guy: I am 32  (36, 45, 29) years old single (divorced) guy from France (England, USA, Belgium) and I wonder if I can be your boyfriend.

My comment: How embarrassing. Lazy loser with high self esteem looking for a trophy girlfriend from the safety of his home. What makes you think I could get excited over some socially challenged Tom or Harry wanking his little dirty cock over my images?

Another Generic guy: I am Paul (Dick, Sam). Can I be your slave?

My comment: Thank you for sending your CV to our company. However, we regret to inform you that it ended up in the corporate bin since you sound like a useless piece of shit with no skills, no brain and no self-respect. We wish you the best of luck elsewhere.

Yet another English sub: I am into the scat fantasy. I would love to be trained by you on a regular basis and eventually become your personal slave.

My comment: I think I’d rather stick to all those boring subs who pay my bills, get me stuff, take me on holidays, buy me delicious meals, photograph me, do my pedicure, massage my body, chauffeur me, give me credit cards, carry my bags, clean my house, run my errands, help me with  promotion and research, work on my websites, style my hair, get my groceries, hand wash my delicates, prepare my breakfast / snacks, take me to spa / golf , worship my body, shine my nails, teach me their expertise, keep me intellectually stimulated, polish my shoes, let me use their properties, fix my computer bugs, maintain my garden and make me laugh. 


Chinese symbol for “slave”. A tattoo that my human property got on his arm years ago.

Weekend at the Mcely chateau

Last weekend my personal slave and I went to the lovely Mcely castle to dine and relax. I am bringing you a few images we took there for you to enjoy…


Mcely dining




A few not so recent gifts…


Do I look classy wearing a dark Guerlain lipstick, Ray-Ban sun glasses, a pair of amber earrings, fitted black dress and a Baume et Mercier watch? One of these things I actually bought myself. Can you guess which one?

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