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Just playing with my cash…


Most of this “fan” used to belong to slave S. 🙂

Get inspired, cheapskates!


Impress me, losers!


I will appreciate if you express yourself in this poll. xx


Worship & serve

What do you think of when you see a Lady who is wearing genuine furs? Is it luxury, dominance, cruelty, fetishism or something else altogether?


Submit to my royal heels



These Kurt Geiger shoes I got from slave James. Aren’t they hot?

This week´s treats



Problems with fakers

I have found quite a few people using texts stolen from my website recently so I can only guess how many fakers actually parasite on me this way. If you come across such stolen content whether texts, photos or videos, kindly drop me a line so that I can take action.


This retro picture is one of my first professional ones (taken in 2007). 

Talking about fakers and scammers, I would also like to urge all financial slaves NOT to send money or gifts to a fin domme who doesn´t have any history or reputation on the internet. You have no control over where your money goes if you tribute the first pretty face you stumble on.

Here´s an excerpt from a comment left in my Real Deal Slave FetLife group by one such naive man:

…In profiles on Collarme and Facebook there are many men pretending to be females. It has become a way of making money in the region where I live. I have lost a lot of money this way, paying people who promised contact but simply did not respond after the tribute has been recieved.

(Text has been slightly rephrased.)


Do not tribute me through any website / online profile that clearly doesn´t belong to me. There are scammers using my pictures to advertise fetish chat services that I do not provide. They even try to collect large tributes in my name. Do not fall into such trap.

If you would like to tribute me, click here.


One of the biggest offenders is Lauren Fulbrook, address: Thornfield, AxesLane, Redhill, RH1 5QL, UK, email: Mrsfulbrook@gmail.com FB: https://www.facebook.com/tiafulbrook, https://www.facebook.com/laurentia.fulbrook who dully copied ALL my website texts including highly personalized lines and is therefore matter-of-factly pretending to be myself. She uses some stolen pictures too.


I now take printscreens of such fraudulent websites so that I have a proof on hand anytime.

My webmaster works very hard to have such fake sites closed down but it takes a lof of time and energy. Nevertheless we will not stop chasing these appalling scammers.


Birthday dinner

I love to be spoilt with gourmet meals…


Picture by Mistress Arella – Intercontinental Prague

This is how I start my days

It´s delicious to take the mornings easy while you already toil to earn me money!

breakfast edited

Satin bathrobe and matching nightie are gifts from an Egyptian slave.