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September presents

I was given so many gifts this month – clothes, cosmetics, hosiery, fine foods, 2 spa vouchers, an upcoming photoshoot in a luxurious hotel was fully paid for and even other members of my family got spoilt this time. Wow! My boys are working hard to please me… xxx




2nd batch of August gifts





Thanks K., N. and G. for the most recent gifts – skirt, top, cosmetics, popcorn maker, the generous gift voucher etc!

Weekend at the Mcely chateau

Last weekend my personal slave and I went to the lovely Mcely castle to dine and relax. I am bringing you a few images we took there for you to enjoy…


Mcely dining




My favourite slave

Bez názvu

Bez názvu3

Bez názvuxI love spending time with slave B. whether we are shopping, having a nice meal out, travelling or just fooling around. Alas, we live in different countries so cam is often the only way to catch up.

Modelling some of my presents

vltava- small

 From slave B.