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Mustafa’s money

A few weeks ago, I got a really pathetic message from a 19 year old Mustafa A. who was enquiring about a session in the Netherlands. Granted, I did not think this teenager could afford my services, let alone have enough courage to meet an established domina like myself. In fact, this was not the first time he contacted me. After quite some hesitation I nevertheless responded with instructions how to secure my time. Then I forgot all about it because I felt the chance he would pay the deposit was really not much higher than zero. What was my surprise when I found out the next morning that not only he paid, it was more than double of the required amount. Back then I had a link to a GFM fund on my website and this lad paid into it.

Within a couple of hours, however, dear Musti was already demanding that his deposit gets refunded because he needs to go to Paris the same day and won’t be back for a while. Why he bothered with such an extremely lame excuse I don’t know. Probably because he is not the smartest boy.  Although this kid was obviously lying to me, I offered to meet him during my next visit of the Netherlands or do webcam session with him so that his credit would not get “wasted”. It is sad but he apparently felt that way about the spent money. So much for wanting to please a Mistress.

When Musti realized I would not refund the deposit, he disputed the transaction with PayPal (GFM uses PP to process the payments). It did not surprise me as some “submissives” can be pretty mean at the end of the day and Mustafa was never to be trusted to start with. I willingly took the risk and it backfired.  To make long story short, he did not get any of his money back, he did manage to waste quite a bit of my time and cause immense frustration.

I don’t know if he keeps checking my website but if he does, he will be pleased to know he got something for his money after all – public humiliation at its best.

I’m sure all the readers of my blog wholeheartedly agree that Mustafa is a stinky piece of shit who should stay away from the femdom scene.

***Musti, your money found a good home. I took this picture to tease and torment you. I do hope you learnt your lesson and won´t be messing with us dommes anytime soon again.***


Netherlands in May 2013

I am revisiting my Utrecht based slave for a few days in May and I may have some availability to meet other subs too on May 24th (afternoon and evening) and May 25th provided you book early. No last minute enquiries will be considered! You may book a traditional session in my luxurious hotel room, a dinner, a shopping spree trip, a prospective personal slavery interview or some combination.


Skirt is a gift from slave James.

Gifts March 30th 2013

Today I received a luxurious chocolate and a funky mink tail that I plan to clip to my handbag. Oh, that reminds me that I need a new handbag too. One of my slaves also took me clothes shopping. First we found a cute light blue cardigan in one of the well-known Pařížská street boutiques. Next we continued to a little Wenceslas sq. store where I chose a super sexy beige t-shirt that emphasizes my full B cup breasts perfectly. The slave was literally drooling once he noticed the exquisite shape the top was giving me. I touched his cock through the trousers and not only was his member fully erect, it was actually dripping from all the excitement. We visited another few shops and ended the most enjoyable day with a couple of drinks.