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Some more credit card treats


I´ll be honest. This was the worst Christmas in terms of gifts in the last 4 or 5 years. What happened? K. disappeared without saying a word back in the fall – yes, that is the guy who used to trumpet his undying loyalty, great manners and unbeatable enthusiasm on Twitter, scolding others for not being genuine enough. Oh well. Others who tributed or gifted me last Christmas or throughout the year just could not be bothered this time. Fortunately at least my Middle Eastern slave sent a £200 Amazon GC. I spent part of it on two pairs of leather boots and booties and kept the rest of the credit for future shopping.


Update January 2nd – better late than never I guess. I did manage to squeeze out quite a few more gift vouchers out of my Austrian Skype slave. I spent them on the iPhone 6s Plus 🙂



Large tributes

Large tributes are incredibly rare to receive in general and somehow it is even more true these days. It seems just about every devoted slave loves to get me stuff but when it comes to cash, there is clearly a lot less enthusiasm towards that. Let me tell you that I have bills to pay just like anyone else (surprise surprise).

The true is, I do sell my (used) stuff regularly – mostly to compensate for the lack of tributes but also to declutter my house as heaps of stuff make me feel suffocated. I guess I would qualify as a minimalist, although one who constantly desires new stuff. Confusing, huh? 😉


Spoilt even more…


iPhone 6 plus leather case


Fine hosiery

and so much more including a nice cardigan, cosmetics and delicacies.

K. is notorious already but my Egyptian slave also ordered a couple of gifts this time. xx

New slaves should please me by getting me the UK or US Amazon GC or a monetary gift if they want to start talking.


Great femdom blog to follow

Looking for good quality female domination content? Check Femdom Times!


Start of the week treats


What is inside this little package? A hi tech USB chargable vibe!



And inside this box? Gorgeous leather and lace skirt that fits so well!


Thanks K.! xx

You can never have me…

but it is so easy to serve me!


You are not worthy


Kiss my ass and send me cash

Subbie tax

Have you paid your subbie tax this month?


Some of the stuff I got from my slaves…





Clothes, handbag, boots and hosiery are all courtesy of slaves G., B. and W.